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Water Quality Monitoring, Analysis, and Inspections

SLM employs some of the best water quality monitoring professionals in our field, our team consists of individuals who are Certified in Ground Water Sampling and Certified in Water Sampling and Meter Testing. From stormwater pond already constructed and in operation, to new construction, SLM specializes in compliance with Environmental Regulation in regards to stormwater ponds, ditches, conveyances ETC!

Why monitor?

  • Monitoring can be conducted for many purposes. Five major purposes are to:
  • characterize waters and identify changes or trends in water quality over time;
  • identify specific existing or emerging water quality problems;
  • gather information to design specific pollution prevention or remediation programs;
  • determine whether program goals -- such as compliance with pollution regulations or implementation of effective pollution control actions -- are being met; and
  • respond to emergencies, such as spills and floods.

Active water testing helps ensure that local water sources are unpolluted and ecosystems are unharmed.

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