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Environmental Consulting and Regulatory Noncompliance Case Review

As your consultant to resolve this matter. Our initial approach will be to perform a diligent review of the Environmental Resource Permit (i.e., ERP) associated with your stormwater management (i.e., SWM) system and or your conservation easement (i.e.,C.E). This review is not only important but also necessary in order to understand the functionality of SWM system and or any special conditions associated with the C.E in order to resolve the case properly and efficiently.

Additionally, we will meet with the State and local agency representatives to understand their expectations of this project. Upon completion of this meeting we will generate and submit a comprehensive plan of action to the appropriate agencies and manage the general correspondence until the noncompliance case is resolved. Our company specializes in resolving these types of complex environmental compliance cases. As your environmental consultant we will be dedicated to ensuring that this case is resolved in an efficient and proper manner. We work closely with State and Local agencies to resolve these issues and we are familiar with the processes and procedures that are required.

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