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Pond Maintenance - Vegetation Management and Fountain Maintenance

Trash Removal: Removal of household debris, (anything that will fit into a contractor garbage bag). Removal of trash is necessary in order to insure that discharge structures and Stormwater Management System Components do not become obstructed by floating and submerged debris. Herbicide Treatment: Littoral Zone Herbicide treatment (Algae is treated separately, as needed, as a change order to the contract). Herbicide Treatments are necessary in order to insure that excessive vegetation levels in the pond are controlled in order to maintain the permitted capacity. Occasionally it may be beneficial to establish and or maintain a littoral planting area in the pond for water quality improvements and control.

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Water Quality Monitoring: Monitoring PH, Dissolved Oxygen, and Turbidity levels (additional water quality analysis may be requested). This is necessary in order to insure that the State water quality standards are being achieved, as well as insure the viability of the ponds aquatic habitat is being preserved.

Visual Inspections of Stormwater Management System: Monitoring the condition of the discharge structures, mitered end sections, documenting erosion, and vegetative cover. This necessary in order to insure that the system is functioning as permitted and may lead to a more in depth analysis.

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